We specialize in Rotax Aircraft Engine Maintenance Training. Located on the Sebring Regional Airport, we are associated with Lockwood Aviation Supply in Sebring, Florida; a company that has been specializing in Rotax aircraft engines for over 25 years and is the leading Service Center for the 9-series engines in the United States. This school has been formed to take the hard-earned wisdom from those years of experience and provide it to you. Whether you are an A&P who wants to serve the rapidly growing Light Sport community, a brand new Light Sport Repairman, or the owner/renter of an aircraft which is powered by a Rotax engine, we have a course for you.

JORGE TAVIO Expire Date : 2021-07-22 912 Service: 020002140812-01
912 Maint: 030002140814-01
9 Series Heavy: 30001210725-1834
2 Stroke Maint: 70001210722-1834
9 Series Service: 430001210722-1834
9 Series Maint: 440001210722-1834
JOHN WRIGHT Expire Date : 2021-01-19 912 Service: 10813161022-1391
912 Maint: 20813161024-1391
9 Series Heavy: 30001200123-1391
2 Stroke Maint: 70813210119-1391
9 Series Service: 430813210119-1391
9 Series Maint: 440813210119-1391
C912ISI: 60813210118-1391