Midwest LSA Expo – Day Two Review

Mt. Vernon, IL

The second day of the show was very busy, a little windy and the sun came out…  So just perfect day!  Friday seems to have the most visitors and the therefore the amount of test flights.
Here are a few photos and thoughts from the day…

Yesterday we got a sneak peak at the 600 getting ready for a test flight, here is it’s brother the SkyLeader 400.  I know we must have said this a hundred times – but where else can a person go to test fly so many models and brands.  Midwest LSA Expo is the best place.
This lovely Gyro Plane was sitting just to the left of the main entrance.  It is the Kallithea (in Greek, it means the best view).  To find out more about this beautiful aircraft, you can reach out to the official distributors in the US, LA GyroPlane.
Hiding away at the far enf of the expo was the AeroTrek A240.  I am sure it was there to get easy access to the flightline!  For more info reach out to AeroTrek.aero.  Powered by the Rotax® 912 ULS.
What else can be said about the Rans S21 Outbound?  It had the most test flights on the first day and is powered by the amazing Rotax® 915iS Turbo! Here is their website. We were lucky to get a quick interview with Mark “The Pilot” …
We could not walk past this very bold Magni M24 Orion without taking a photo.  Last year Greg gave us a very detailed and informative video session on the brand and gyro planes in general.  He truly is the master.  Here is that video…
There is nothing like a Dan Johnson presentation.  Add the word MOSAIC to it and you have a very full room.  MOSAIC is really important to pilots and OEM.  Please (we can’t stress this enough) visit Dan’s very detailed page and get involved!

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Midwest LSA Expo – Day One Review

Mt. Vernon, IL

I am sure someone out there is winding the clock a little faster, because time seems to be flying by.
Here we are at the end of the first day of this year’s Midwest LSA Expo and what a day it was.  Good friends, nice music and amazing Rotax® powered aircraft.

Here are a few photos and thoughts…

It was good to see Mike and the crew from Certus Aviation. They had their beautiful Rotax 912ULS powered SportCruiser. Certus is based out of Burlington, WI. They are a current Rotax Repair Centre, so reach out to them if you need a hand. (Stay tuned for a video)  
Just in front of the main entrance, we found this American Ranger from Silverlight Aviation. Also powered by the iconic Rotax 912 ULS.  
Just about to go for a test flight was this very sleek SkyLeader 600.  It is an all metal aircraft and the boast that they have the largest cockpit in the LSA Market.  They offer this model with a wide range of Rotax® power.  
Bearing in mind that the purpose of this show is to give new buyers a chance to fly and in some cases go home with a new aircraft, the folks at Leading Edge Airfoils the Rotax iService and Training Centre for the region felt it important enough to have their Director of Operations (Yeah, he is a pretty amazing tech guy too!) to be on hand for all those Rotax engine questions. Be sure to stop and say hi!  


It was not just about the aircraft though, the presenters for the day offered a lot of information and guidance.

First out of the gate was Paul Mather he is a DAR and owner of M-Squared Aircraft.  He went into great detail on how to get your aircraft registered and certified.  Providing some good tips and resources to navigate your way through some of the more intricate steps needed to accomplish the task of being legal.

Now definitely the most entertaining and passionate presentation of the day went to Steven Bateman.  He is the director of the AOPA Flying Clubs Initiative and amongst many other things a CFI as well.  Their main goal is to get people flying, and keep them active (and get you back flying if you have taken a break from your dreams for a bit!) Please if you were not able to attend this presentation, reach out to Steven.  They do a fantastic job.

As per usual at the end of the first day, there is a free diner (great food and drinks), prize giveaways and a 50/50 draw.  Here Brett Lawton (LEAF Director) receives an award from Chris Collins (Mount Vernon Airport Manager and Expo host) for LEAF’s 15 year commitment to the Midwest LSA Expo!

A special thanks to Chris and his amazing team of volunteers. The expo you guys put on is amazing.  


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2023 Midwest LSA Expo

Mt. Vernon, Illinois

I can’t believe another year has gone by so quickly.  It seems like yesterday we got the opportunity to visit one of the best kept secrets, but arguably one the most important aviation events for actual aircraft buyers. If you are seriously in the market to buy a light sport aircraft and you want to test fly your dream ride, this is the place you want to be.

For the past 15 years, the folks at Mt. Vernon Outland Airport have done an amazing of hosting the Midwest LSA Expo. The expo takes place over 3 days from September 7th thru 9th, and is unlike most other airshows/fly-ins. There are no huge crowds and no long line ups to speak to the aircraft distributors.

Top that all off with some very informative presentations by the likes of Dan Johnson, Paul Mather, AOPA and FAAST.  There will be something for everyone.
Click here for a list of presentations.

We can’t wait to catch up with some old friends.  See you there!




Rotax® Fly-in Canada!

Vernon, BC, Canada

Rotech Motor, the distributor for Canada, would like to invite you to their Rotax® Fly-in on September 9th and 10th, in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada.

You can look forward to awesome Canadian hospitality, beautiful weather this time of year, and an detailed intro to the new XPS Oil!

Rotech Motor is also responsible for all the sales and support of Certified Rotax® engines in the Americas. We would highly recommend taking the time to attend.
Click here for Event Details and Sign up



Oshkosh, WI.

My eyes were opened at this year’s Airventure.  For years and years I have been listening to aircraft builders telling me that it took between 2 – 5 years to complete their builds. Yes, there have been a few EAA One Week Wonder events, but in my mind at least that did not count.  Usually, every One Week Wonder project, has the best of the best builders on those projects, not to mention the huge amount of volunteers that assist as well.

Then I stumbled upon Kieth Furst in the ultralight section.  His was a truly self built project.  Yes he did have a builder assist support from the folks at Cierva Aero, but it this man works a full time job and he was flying in under a year!  That is what got my attention.  Not only was it an Autogyro MTO Classic, but it was equipped with a Rotax 912iS injected engine as well.  

As this aircraft normally comes with a Rotax carburetted engine, Kieth had to fabricate all the additional mounting and put in the extra wiring.  He truly made a thing of beauty.  Here is his story …


KITFOX RELEASES AN AMAZING VIDEO…. (I can’t wait for Oshkosh!)

The brand new Rotax® 916iS powered Kitfox has just been revealed to the world!

For those of you that are attending EAA AirVenture (Oshkosh) 2023, you will be able to get a close up look in Booth 600.
In other related news, the Kitfox crew are on their way!  Here are a few photos from Gillette, Wyoming ….
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Can you guess which of these lovely aircraft will be in the Rotax Booth (265)?

EAA AIRVENTURE 2023 – Understanding Rotax Technical Training

What: Understanding Rotax Technical Training

Why: Eric will provide an overview of the only factory approved iRMT training program in the Americas. If you are an owner, maintainer, an A&P or not. This is presentation is for you. After the presentation there will be a 1/2 hour Q&A session.

Who: Eric Tucker – Founder and developer of the Rotax iRMT programs for RFSC. Past vice chair of ASTM F37. Private pilot. Over 50 years working with Rotax engines.
When: Monday 24th July – 3:00pm – 4:30pm

Where: Rotax® iService and Training Booth (EAA 2023 booth 265 – 268)  

Note: Seating is limited. Please be sure to book your spot early. Sign up is in booth 265.

Company Contact Information


3006 Gateby Place

Vernon, BC, V1T 6G6


Website: https://www.rotaxflyingclub.com 

Email: eric@rotaxflyingclub.com 

EAA AIRVENTURE 2023 – Specialized tools to aid in Rotax iS engine diagnostics.

What: Specialized tools to aid in Rotax iS engine diagnostics.

Why: Dr. Weinzierl’s presentation will focus on the RS-Flight Systems EMU, IS Control Panels and Portable Test benches. If you or your shop or flight school maintains Rotax injected engines – do not miss this presentation.

Who: Dr. Matthias Weinzierl -I am the chief technical officer of RS Flight Systems. In this role I lead the development and the marketing of flight test instrumentation and avionic systems such as the Engine Management Unit 9xiS for BRP Rotax aircraft engines.

From 2018 to 2020 I held a position as Head of General Aviation at Reiser Simulation and Training. Before, I worked as a research associate at the Institute of Lightweight Structures at Technical University of Munich, which today is the Laboratory for Product Development and Lightweight Design. There, I was responsible for the design of high speed rotating CFRP disks for neutron time of flight experiments.

I have a Master of Science in engineering (M.Sc.) as well as a PhD (Dr.-Ing.) from Technical University of Munich. Further, I am a licenced Flight Instructor and hold a Flight Examiner certificate.

When: Thursday 27th July – 11:00am – 12:30pm

Where: Rotax® iService and Training Booth (EAA 2023 booth 265 – 268)  

Note: Seating is limited. Please be sure to book your spot early. Sign up is in booth 265.

Company Contact Information


Oberer Luessbach 29-31

Berg, Bavaria, 82335


Website: https://www.rs-flightsystems.com 

Email: contact@rs-flightsystems.com 

Phone: +49 8178 8681 – 300

EAA AIRVENTURE 2023 – AutoGyro: Pioneering Aviation Innovation and Excellence


What: AutoGyro: Pioneering Aviation Innovation and Excellence

Why: AutoGyro is a leading aviation company that has been at the forefront of gyroplane technology for over two decades. With an unwavering commitment to customer service, quality, safety, and performance, the company has earned a stellar reputation in the industry.Founded in the early 2000s, AutoGyro quickly emerged as a trailblazer in the gyroplane market. A pivotal moment in their journey came with the establishment of a partnership with Rotax, a renowned engine manufacturer. This collaboration propelled AutoGyro to new heights, combining Rotax’s expertise in engine design and AutoGyro’s visionary approach to gyroplane development. Together, they revolutionized the industry, introducing cutting-edge technologies and enhancing performance standards.

AutoGyro’s unwavering dedication to customer service has been a cornerstone of their success. They prioritize the needs and satisfaction of their clients, offering personalized attention and support throughout the entire ownership experience. By fostering strong relationships with their customers, they have cultivated a loyal community that continues to grow.

When it comes to quality and safety, AutoGyro sets the benchmark in the aviation industry. Every gyroplane undergoes rigorous testing and quality assurance processes to ensure optimal performance and reliability. With an unwavering commitment to safety, they adhere to the highest industry standards, providing pilots with peace of mind and passengers with an exceptional flight experience.

Looking towards the future, AutoGyro remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of aviation innovation. They constantly strive to enhance their gyroplanes, incorporating the latest technological advancements and design breakthroughs. By embracing innovation, they continue to redefine what is possible in the gyroplane industry.

In summary, AutoGyro’s story is one of pioneering spirit and a commitment to excellence. Their partnership with Rotax has been a catalyst for innovation, while their dedication to customer service, quality, safety, and performance has solidified their position as a leader in the aviation industry. As they continue to shape the future of gyroplane aviation, AutoGyro remains unwavering in their pursuit of pushing boundaries and providing exceptional experiences to their customers.


Who: Gerry Speich – CEO and Chairman of the Board for AutoGyro GmbH

Owner and Managing Director of Rotorsport UK June 2005 – February 2023
When: Tuesday 25th July – 11:00am – 12:30pm

Where: Rotax® iService and Training Booth (EAA 2023 booth 265 – 268)  

Note: Seating is limited. Please be sure to book your spot early. Sign up is in booth 265.

Company Contact Information


210 Airport RD

Stevensville, MD, 21666

United States

Website: https://AutoGyroUSA.com 

Email: info@autogyrousa.com

Phone: +49 8178 8681 – 300