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Service Questions

Where should I have my Rotax engine serviced?

Authorized independent Rotax Maintenance Technicians, iRMT, are the best source for service on your engine. In addition there are also independent Repair Centres and independent Service Centres. You can use the online pages www.RotaxiRMT to find your nearest service iRMT or iRC or iSC.

How do I know when to have my Rotax engine serviced?

Check your Line Maintenance Manual for the manufacturer recommended service intervals. You can also access digital versions of the manuals at or

I have a technical question. Should I call the Rotax factory?

Your authorized independent Service Centre, iSC, is the first line in answering technical questions. If you’ve already contacted your iRMT or iRC and they were not able to provide a satisfactory response to your question, you can contact the iSC and they will find an answer for you.

Where can I obtain an operator manual?

You can access digital versions of the operator’s manual. In addition, a hardcopy version can be purchased from your authorized independent Service Centre.

What if I have a concern related to the speed or quality of service on my vehicle by an authorised independent Service Centre?

Your first step should be to raise your concern to the service manager of the iSC. If you are still not satisfied with any aspect of the service performed on your engine, you can then contact the regional distributor. (see the listings in the operators manual)

How should store my engine in my aircraft?

Please consult the "Storage" section of your operator's guide for information on properly storing your Rotax for extended periods. You can also access digital versions of the operator’s manual .

How can I obtain airport assistance for my Rotax aircraft engine?

Go to and locate the nearest technician or Centre to your airfield.

Warranty Questions

How do I get my Rotax engine repaired while in warranty?

Your first step would be to take your product to an authorized warranty depot for diagnosis. The independent Rotax Maintenance Technician, iRMT, can help determine if the repair will be covered under warranty.

Is my Rotax warranty transferable to another owner if I sell my aircraft?

Yes, the warranty always follows the engine as long as the registration is updated.

Is my factory warranty valid at any authorized Rotax independent Service Centre?

Yes, any authorized iSC should be able to assist you with factory warranty work.

Does my factory warranty cover transporting the unit to and from the depot?

No, vehicle transportation to and from the depot is not included and is the owner's responsibility.

Why was my replaced / repaired part not covered under warranty?

If a part failure is not deemed to be due to a manufacturer defect, it is possible that the repair would not be covered under warranty.

How do I update my address or change the ownership of my Rotax Aircraft Engine?

Parts and accessories

Can I purchase Rotax Parts or Accessories directly from the factory?

You can obtain Rotax parts and accessories from your authorised Repair or Service Centres, iRC or iSC. You can access the parts listings from any authorised outlet and the parts catalogs are also online via

How can I get support for a part or accessory?

Please get in touch with the selling outlet and talk with their parts department.

I have a parts / backordered parts concern at my Service Centre. What should I do?

Discuss your concern directly with the parts manager at your iSC. If the concern is still not resolved to your satisfaction, please contact the regional distributor.

Promotions and Marketing Questions

How can I find out what the current promotions or incentives are?

Your authorized Rotax dealer will have access to all current promotions and incentives. The manufacturer, OEM, of your aircraft may have separate incentives so contact them for any information.

I didn't receive a promotional discount or item, how can I get help?

Raise the issue with the dealer where you purchased the unit. If you are still having trouble obtaining any promotional discounts or items that you feel should be applicable to your purchase, get in touch with BRP customer service and we'll assist you.

Product recalls and safety bulletins

How do I obtain a safety recall notification for a Rotax engine in my aircraft?

The responsibility for notice is with the original equipment manufacturer of your aircraft or kit, the OEM. If you purchased an engine alone from a independent Service Centre it would be from them. Rotax additionally posts directly to the internet on all information regarding safety recalls. You can also register at with your email and receive notice of any new release.

How do I find out if there are outstanding safety bulletins to be performed on my Rotax?

Your authorized dealer is equipped to verify if there are any outstanding safety bulletins or recall notices applicable to your engine using your 7 digit serial number.